Director’s Message

We do ourbestto give good medical, surgical and nursing care and advice to each ofour patients inan atmosphere ofcompassion and care.

Right from its start, Sacred Heart Hospital has always been steadily growing because of the     dedication and hard work of sisters who work in different professional roles and skilful Doctors with a singular mission ofserving the poor.

It is a multi & super speciality hospital equipped with all state-of-artfacilities, together with high-tech technology to match world-class standards and support services we pledge to make your stay at the hospital peaceful and comfortable. While designing the hospital, the special feature kept in mind, was to create a de-stressing atmosphere and ambienceforthe patients and the doctors.

We will put the patientfirst and foremost. That is our commitment and we will do everything possible within our reach to fulfil this commitment.

We envision a future marked by growth, fulfilling our mission to provide the bestand most comprehensive health care to our society. From our state-of-the-art facilities and advanced technology to our educational programs, SACRED HEART HOSPITAL is committed to your health.

We strive hard by constantlyacquiring newer knowledge, skills and upgrade ourselves to keep pacewith what is new in the field.


    Sr. Dr. Mary Laurence

   M.D (Bonn), D.T.M & H (Hamburg)

  Director – Sacred Heart Hospital


History of Sacred Heart Hospital

Sacred heart hospital evolved purely out of the need to serve the complex and growing needs of Jalandhar suburbs. What started as a 50 bed hospital which has grown now into a multi-specialty hospital under the stewardship of the sisters of the Sacred Heart congregation. The hospital’s humble beginning by Dr.Sr.Laurence who herself was an experienced doctor who completed her MBBS and MD studies in Germany and had the great desire to serve the people in India. Dr.Sr.Laurence along with the support of late Dr. Sr. AlphonsaChelapurathu, Sr.LissyPodimattam, late Sr Jane Maria and Sr. Maxima Thekkekutt, under the guidance of Rt.Rev.Dr.SymporianKeeprath, the then Bishop Jalandhar, started the hospital on 16th May 1985 with the departments of Medicine, Surgery, OB&Gyne and pediatrics. The Hospital also has the facilities like Endoscopy, Laboratory, operation theatre, Labour room, ultra sound scanning, X-ray and a well functioning 24 hours emergency department with necessary equipments like cardiac monitor, Defibrillator and an efficient medical team. Rev. Fr. P.K Joseph looked after the construction work and helped the sisters to face the early risks and challenges. Simultaneously, its infrastructure, facilities and medical technology were upgraded and the hospital building expanded to a 170-bed multi speciality hospital today. During its journey through the years, the hospital has achieved several milestones. One of these was the starting of a GNM course with the aim to train the local nurses to care the patients with the motto ‘Love, Serve and Save’. The policy of the hospital is that- no patient who comes to Sacred Heart Hospital should go back untreated due to lack of money.


Vision and Mission


Our vision is to impart holistic quality health care services to the suffering humanity at an affordable cost with compassion, love and respect. Our effort is to make Sacred Heart Hospital as the bench mark for quality health care services in this region.


Lord Jesus said, I tell you whenever you did this for one of the least important of this brothers of mine, you did it for me. (Mt 25:40). Our mission is to give one and all preventive and curative holistic health care services which are effective, efficient, affordable and accessible. It is our desire to serve patients promptly with compassion and dignity.


  • Milestones


  • Established in 1985 with 50 beds capacity.
  • Installed first Ultrasound machine in Jalandhar in 1985.
  • School of Nursing established in 1995 with 30students per year for GNM training.
  • Siemens Dual Slice CT Scan inaugurated in 2004.
  • School of Nursing upgraded in 2005 to 40 seats.
  • First hospital in Jalandhar to get fully accredited with NABH in Dec 2013.
  • Urology and Nephrology Super-Speciality departments with HemoDialysis inaugurated with latest equipment in 2014.


  • First in house hospital STP Plant inaugurated in Jalandhar region.
  • Endocrinology and Neuro Surgery Super-Speciality departments are inaugurated.
  • Dedicated Neuro ICU inaugurated
  • Gradually increased the bed strength to 200 beds with Multi and Super speciality in 2015.
  • Installed Latest Philips Ultrasound with elastography feature, 16 Slice Siemens CT Scanand 1.5 Tesla Siemens MRI System in 2015.
  • Installed Plasma Separator
  • SysmexXN-550 (2015) inaugurated for Haematology.
  • RIRS/ Urolithotripsy inaugurated.


  • Re-accredited with NABH.
  • Dedicated Cardiac ICU inaugurated.
  • Fully Automated laboratory with world class equipment with high quality standards.
  • AIA 360 (TOSOH) (2016) inaugurated for Hormonal assay.
  • Cardiology with Cathlab inaugurated with latest equipmentARTIS ZEE FLOOR (Siemens) inaugurated in 2016.



  • Cardio Thoracic surgery and Cardiac OT inaugurated with latest equipment
  • DNB Medicine started in 2018.
  • Vitros 5 IFS, Vitros ECI (2018) for Ortho clinical diagnostic (Johnson & Johnson) inaugurated for Biochemistry.
  • XN-330 (2018) (Sysmex) inaugurated for Haematology.
  • ALMA Laser for Cosmetic/ Dermatology inaugurated.
  • Latest LICA Microscopy for ENT/ Plastic Surgery/ Neurosurgery inaugurated.



  • Re-accredited with NABH in 2019.
  • Accredited with NABL in 2019.
  • Microexpress (2019) inaugurated for culture and sensitivity.
  • Advanced CSSD, Untouched by hand plasma sterilization facility inaugurated.


  • Hospital Infrastructure & Technology
  • 1,25,000Sqr feet area.
  • 200 beds which includes 35 critical care beds.
  • 5 Operation theatres.
  • Siemens Artis latest cathlab technology.
  • Siemens Multislice CT Scan (16 Slice)/ Siemens 1.5-T MRI System/ Philips/Samsung 4D Ultrasound Scanning
  • ICU’s with latest Cardiac monitors and ventilators are available.
  • Most advance & highly efficient Labs with NABL Accredited.
  • Fully dedicated Medical record department.
  • Modular OT with latest equipment.


  • Awards and Accreditation
  • CGHS approved first hospital in Jalandhar in 2008.
  • NABH – 2013, 2016,2019
  • NABL – 2019
  • ISO – 2008
  • Best Hospital of the year 2016 organised by Six Sigma.
  • Best Hospital of the year 2019 by Government of India.