To facilitate patient comfort and assist in patient care, the hospital has made provisions for every patient to be accompanied by an attendant / relative during their stay in hospital.


A hospital is a place of rest and recuperation and we request visitors to observe strictly the relevant restrictions and regulations. Patients/visitors are requested not to use their own transistor or radio sets in their room, which may disturb the patients in the neighboring rooms.


Visitors must be aged 10 and above.


Only one or two visitors are allowed per patient.. The hospital requests your cooperation. Patients Relatives and Guests are requested to maintain silence within the hospital.

Attendant’s Pass

Every patient, in all classes of accommodation, is entitled to an Attendant’s Pass. This pass should be retained till the patient is discharged.The Attendant’s Pass permits one relative / next of kin / attendant to remain with the patient. If you lose the Attendant’s Pass, a fine of Rs 50 will be charged for reissue. Misuse of the Attendant’s Pass is also liable for a fine as per the hospital’s policy. We expect every patient and their relatives to observe these rules. No exceptions will be made.