You or your next of kin is required to sign a consent form on one or more of the following occasions:

You or next of your kin is required to sign a ‘consent form’ on one or more of the following occasions: Admission : A consent form will be presented and must be signed at the time of admission. This applies to all types of admissions ‘

  • Planned Admissions
  • Emergency Admissions
  • Admission Before Surgery

Medical/Surgical Procedures :

During the course of treatment, your treating consultant may require certain medical procedures such as scans, endoscopy etc. In such cases, your consulting doctor or performing the doctor will explain the requirements, nature, options available, advantages, disadvantages and risks involved. If any.Patients or their next of kin are advised to clarify any queries they may have with their treating consultant before signing the consent form.For patients aged less than 18, the consent form must be signed by the guardian.