Dietetics & Nutrition

Most of the people take the food they eat for granted but only few of them are consciously aware that the diet and dietary habits play a critical role in determining the health and overall well-being. Like medicine, diet is also a crucial component of the healing process. It plays a key role in the treatment and management of all disease conditions, especially certain ailments such as diabetes, hypertension, cardiac, renal and gastrointestinal disease. Considering its significance in healing, the Dietry department of the Hospital makes a systematic effort to provide a quality diet to all in-patients and diet consultation to out-patients. To achieve these objectives, the department functions under the supervision of highly qualified and professional dietitian.

In-Patient Services

Dietary department is intimated at new admission. Every in-patient receives a visit from our dietician, who performs a complete and comprehensive nutritional assessment of the patient soon after admission. Each patient also receives nutritional advice. A diet plan is implemented through the meals provided as part of the hospital’s services.

Out-Patient Services

Dietary department has an active OPD consultation schedule and offers its professional services to an average 120 out-patients a month.Out-patients are either referred by the Consultants or walk-in patients seeking nutritional advice.

Our Services

  • Diet consultation on any type of illness
  • Comprehensive nutritional assessment
  • Nutritional and dietary advice and guidelines according to individual requirements

Other Programmes

Since diet plays a pivotal role in health and healing, the Department of Dietetics & Nutrition often collaborates with other departments of the hospital in the treatment of patients and also while spreading awareness on the importance of nutrition to the community at large.