Discharge Procedure

Once your treating consultant certifies you for discharge, he / she will make an entry of discharge in your file.

  • The Resident Medical Officer on duty will then fill in your Discharge Card with details of your illness and future course of treatment. If you need to return for a follow-up assessment, it will be indicated in it. Drug prescriptions and other instructions will also be recorded.
  • After these formalities are completed, the patients file will be send to the Billing Department.
  • Your bill will then be prepared, taking into account the advance money paid at the time of admission.
  • Proceed to the cash counter on the ground floor to pay your bill.
  • If the hospital owes you a refund, present your Final Bill to the cash counter and collect it.
  • Present your Final Bill payment receipt to the Nurses’ Station. This completes your discharge formalities.
  • You will be given your Discharge Card and diagnostic reports, if any.
  • Check your room / bed and bedside table to make sure that you have taken all your belongings.
  • Before you check out, take a couple of minutes to fill in the Patient Feedback Form. Your identity will not be disclosed to the hospital staff.