Modular OT

SHH is a multispecialty hospital consisting of 4 Operation Theaters. They are located in the first floor of the hospital.

Modular Operation Theater

OT complex is highly specialized with Modular OT under strict aseptic conditions in a controlled environment.


  • Seamless wall with antibacterial paint.
  • Anti-static, epoxy coated PVC flooring.
  • HEPA filters for effective filtration of air.
  • Surgical and anesthetic pendants fitted with gases and anesthesia machine for the convenience of the consultant and to keep the floor decongested.
  • Gas alarm system for safety purpose.
  • AGSS system for removal of unwanted gases being accumulated during surgery.
  • Powerful shadow free lights.
  • White board for monitoring the important points.
  • View box for viewing radiology films.
  • Sliding door to prevent air turbulences to ensure sterilization and correct air pressure.
  • 100% air change facility for infection control purpose with right humidity and temperature. It helps to provide skilled and efficient administration of anesthesia for elective and emergency operation, safe and effective sterilization procedure which improves coordination among the surgeons and the surgical team.