Sacred Heart Hospital maintains a mortuary which aims at proper care and storage of dead bodies so that respect to the death person could be maintained properly. Bodies which are to be preserved in the mortuary are received from the respective patient care area via trolleys and are brought to the receiving area of the mortuary department. Dead body which is brought from outside receives via trolley to the mortuary cabin.


  • After receiving the dead body the mortuary in charge check the dead body.
  • After the cleaning, body is wrapped in white cloth and put inside the cold chamber under appropriate temperature.
  • Name and address of the dead person and the name, address, Signature and phone numbers of the responsible person is registered in the mortuary register.
  • The death declaration and transportation certificate are obtained from the relatives and kept in the mortuary register. If it is an MLC, then the details are documented in the register.
  • Identification data of the dead person is attached on dead body to avoid any manipulations.
  • A slip in writing about personal data, date and time of the preservation etc are provided to the responsible person who brings the dead body.

Issue of Dead Bodies

  • Dead bodies preserved in the mortuary are issued after the verification of the same person who signed in the mortuary register by the mortuary in charge.
  • Signature of the receiver is obtained in the specified column of the register and the dead body is issued to him/her.
  • The mortuary cabin is disinfected, washed, and dried by the house keeping personal.
  • Dead body of an MLC case is handed over to the Police only.
  • In case of death that occurred in our hospital and is to be taken home within one or two hours are kept outside the cold cabin in a trolley along with the details noted.