Compassionate, highly qualified and thoroughly professional nurses are the backbone of patient care at Sacred Heart Hospital, Jalandhar.

We believe in a holistic approach to healthcare and that patient well-being plays a crucial role in the healing process. We therefore train our nurses to go above and beyond the call of duty, to be good listeners and receptive to our patients’ needs. Apart from being proficient on the job, our nurses attend to all our patients in the spirit of caring.

Nurses’ Station

Every ward is overseen by a Nurses’ Station, where a team of nurses works in three shifts. Our nurses are well-versed in each patient’s case details and patients can be sure that they are in excellent hands. Our nurses are trained in-house by the heads of various departments and our consulting physicians. Apart from routine patient care duties, our nurses are also trained in specialty departments such as our Critical Care Units, Operation Theatres, Emergency Care and Infection Control.

Recruitment Process

Our nurses are largely drawn from the SH School of Nursing but candidates from elsewhere are welcome to apply.


  • A year’s experience in nursing care
  • A good academic recor
  • Registration with the Punjab Nursing Council.


Potential candidates can call the department on Tel:0181 2670664,2671942


All applicants are carefully screened and interviewed by a team of experts.


Our hospital offers hostel accommodation for female nurses.

Nursing Assistants / Ward Boys

We employ nursing assistants and ward boys, who also undergo rigorous training.


All applicants are carefully screened and interviewed by a team of experts.


Like we said, we pride ourselves on the quality of our nursing care and we’d love to have your feedback ‘ compliments and criticism. Before discharge, do take the time to fill out our feedback form which is available with every Nurses’ Station.