The Pediatric and Nursery department provides comprehensive care for the child from birth to adolescence. Total care and comfort of newborns are ensured. It has the facilities like two Pediatric units, C-PAP, Exchange blood transfusion, double surface phototherapy, Preterm Nursery with Incubator, Radiant Warmer and immunization facilities.The department comprises of a team of well experienced and qualified Doctors and staff to provide the following services:

  • Out-Patient Care
  • 24 hrs Emergency Services
  • Neonatal Nursery
  • Phototherapy :- Double Surface Phototherapy
  • Exchange Blood Transfusion, Partial Exchange Blood Transfusion
  • Preterm Baby care
  • Incubator care / Radiant warmer care
  • Growth and Development Monitoring
  • Immunization / Well baby clinic
  • In-patient care
  • Childbirth and New-born care

All the deliveries and L.S.C.S conducted in the hospital are attended by the pediatrician. All types of emergencies of infants and older children are attended by the pediatrician for 24 hours.