The Pharmacy has been in existence since the inception of the hospital. The functioning of pharmacy are procuring and dispensing all types of medicines. Purchasing of medicines is done after the Therapeutic Committee evaluates the quotation received from Pharmaceutical Companies for quality and reasonable rates. It is thus ensured that medicines of high quality are provided to in- patients and out- patients. A Drug Formulary is prepared and distributed to all the doctors and departments and the amendments are made every year. All the medicines have been dispensed to the patients by qualified personnel. Every patients who come to pharmacy is clearly explained and marked in the medicine cover, indicating which medicine is to be taken how many times , before or after meals and what is the safe and effective use of the medicines etc. Every patient is given enough time to clear their queries.

Maintaining quality is always been our main objective. Each bottle of I/V fluid is checked for any sediment or particles under tube light before distributing from the Pharmacy.

Storage of medicines and other products is an important requirement for the quality and potency of the drug. All those medicines need, cold chain are kept in refrigerator with the temperature chart and we do record temperature two times in a day ,while dispensing such type of medicine we guide to the patients how to transport and store at home. The main aim of the Pharmacy is to provide quality medicines at affordable prices to all patients.