Room / bed charges vary with class of accommodation. Class of accommodation is also the determining factor for establishing cost of use of hospital services (Eg; procedures, investigations etc) and doctors and nurses fees.For admission beyond a day’s stay, the day of admission and day of discharge are calculated as one single day. However, if admission is before noon and the discharge is in he after noon, both days will be charged.

Patients upgrading their class of accommodation at their request will pay hospital and doctors’ charges as per the higher tariff from the date of transfer. Patients downgrading their accommodation will be charged according to the utilization of services.


Every patient taking admission to the hospital in the Ward / ICUs must pay a deposit as an advance against the bill. This applies to all types of admission – planned and emergency admissions. The deposit varies with the class and type of accommodation. The deposit will be adjusted against the Final Bill only.

Cashless Patients

Patients covered by health insurance plans can opt for cashless payment of their hospital bills. Patients can check facilities available at the TPA Counter/ Empanelment’s office

Corporate Patients

The hospital has also tied up with certain corporate firms for the health requirements of their employees. Corporate account holders and TPA patients must complete all the formalities before seeking admission as well as prior to discharge.

Emergency Charges

Emergency charges are taken on surgical and other procedures performed outside the hospital’s working hours. Emergency charges include fees for the doctors and use of operation theatre. Working hours for the operation theatre are 8.30 am to 3.30 pm. Emergency surgeries performed outside these timings attract additional charges.