On admission, you are required to report to the Nurses’ Station on your respective floor. You will then be escorted to your room / bed.After the check in, a Resident Medical Officer (RMO) and registered nurse will attend to you. During your stay, you may contact our Nurses’ Station for any queries you have. The RMO on duty will regularly check you. You may also request to meet the RMO at any time, should the need arise.Your treating consultant will meet you during his / her visiting hours and in case of emergency, the RMO on duty will contact him / her.

What You Should Bring

  • Previous medical records if any.
  • Medications you take regularly.
  • Kindly bring only those personal items required to make your stay as comfortable as possible. These may include toiletries, hand towels, nightwear and footwear. Hospital garments are provided only to patients in critical care areas and bedridden patients.

What You Should Not Bring

  • Valuables, jewellery, large sums of cash.
  • Personal documents, credit cards.
  • TV sets, radio / transistor / laptop.
  • Flowers
  • Edibles
  • Edibles

The hospital does not take responsibility for the safety and security of any personal items during your stay. The hospital has the right to charge for any hospital items that are missing from the room when the patient checks out.